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Welcome to Xinet 19.1
Release Notes Xinet 19.1
Release Notes Xinet 19.1
System Requirements Guide
Xinet Versions Under Primary Support
Supported Operating Systems
Supported Web Browsers
Xinet Client Utilities and Plug-ins
Contacting North Plains for Support
Client Guide
Introduction to Xinet
Before You Begin
Setting up Mounted Volumes to Share Assets
Setting Up Printing to Xinet Print Spoolers
Working with Color Correction and Profiles
Using Xinet Portal
Before You Begin
Understanding the Interface
Uploading Assets to Portal
Removing Assets
Adding Annotations to Assets
Reviewing Linked Files to Assets
Adding Comments to Assets
Reviewing File History
Working with Videos and Audio files
Managing Assets and Folders
Moving and Copying Assets to a New Location
Drag and Drop Download Assets from Xinet Portal to a Remote Client
Administrative Privileges
Creating versions of assets
Usage Control Feature: Control Asset Availability Based on Time
Searching for Assets in Portal
Xinet Collections
Using Xinet Pilot
Launch Xinet Pilot (Mac OS X)
Launch Xinet Pilot (Windows)
Get Started
Using Pilot Search Options
Changing How Assets are Displayed
Previewing Asset Details
Downloading Assets
Opening a File with Annotations
Adding a File to Your Collection
Creating an Image Order
Managing Files
Updating an Asset in the Associated Application
Using Collection Plug-ins
Searching for Assets
Uploading Assets
Drag and Drop Download Assets from Xinet Pilot to a Remote Client
Appendix A: Troubleshooting OS X Issues
Appendix B: InDesign Tips
Appendix C: Adobe Photoshop Tips
Appendix D: Adobe Illustrator Tips
Administration Guide
Installing Xinet
Installation Workflow
Before Installing the Xinet Software
Install Xinet Server on a Macintosh Server (first time or upgrade)
Install Xinet Server on a Red Hat and CentOS Linux Server (first time or upgrade)
Preparing For a Clean Xinet Server Installation
Licensing Software
Setting up a Separate Dedicated DB Server - Optional
Installing Xinet Portal Server Software for the First Time
Xinet Portal Communication Security
Preparing for a Clean Xinet Portal Server Installation over a Previous Xinet Installation
Installing Xinet Pilot and Plug-ins on a Macintosh Client Machine
Installing Xinet Pilot and Plug-ins on a Windows Client Machine
Setting up E-mail Notifications for Forgotten Login Passwords
Removing Xinet Pilot
About Xinet Client Extensions and Plug-ins
File system organization for Xinet
Strategy 1: Customers have access to active and archived jobs
Strategy 2: Customers only have access to archived jobs
Strategy 3: You keep tight control over files customers can see
Strategy 4: You do everything by ticket number
Configuring Apache Web server
About Apache
Configure Apache Web Server with SSL/HTTPS (for Linux)
Required: Configure Apache to Work with Xinet: the configure.apache Script
Appendix: Configuring a non-supported Web server
Xinet Configuration
Setting up Xinet Volumes
Volume image-handling
Creating a new System Volume
Fine tuning preview generation
Adding watermarks
Using the fpod.conf file for advanced administration
Color profiles for Xinet previews
Updating previews
Deleting a system volume
Administering Xinet Users
Looking at existing users
Adding new users
Changing attributes for existing users
Granting Administrative Privileges
Creating an alternative name for the nativeadmin user
Changing the nativeadmin password
Setting nativeadmin Access Control
Enabling subadministrator
Managing User Access/Connections
User volume access and privileges
Managing User Connections with SMB Protocol (SMB2/SMBX)
Install and Configure SMB
Managing User Connections with Xinet AFP Service
Xinet Groups
Viewing existing groups
Creating and editing groups
Deleting a Xinet group
Configuring a User’s Styles
Default Styles
Setting up user environments with existing styles
Using Volume Styles
Configuring a User’s Collection Plug-ins
About Collections
Default administration actions for Collections
Plug-ins which ship with Xinet
Global Custom Image Order and Batch Keyword Apply configurations
User Permissions
Editing User Permissions
Xinet Security
Xinet Security Overview
Securing your Xinet server
Other security measures
Links and other reading
Set Up the Xinet Server to Use SAML2.0-based Single Sign On (SSO)
Add Mellon entries to httpd.conf
Working with Videos
Installing the Xinet Video Module
Behind the scenes of Video for Xinet
Video file compatibility
Xinet Database Overview
What does a database provide?
How does the Xinet database work?
About the database that Xinet uses
About the database and Search logic
How do you start using the database?
Statistics about database stability
Enabling the database on volumes
Database summary
Database administration settings
Xinet database statistics
File History
Quick synchronization
Backing up and restoring data
Scheduling Table Checks
About the database daemons
Setting Xinet preferences (the dblogd.conf file)
Setting Up Searching
Set Up Solr Search
Keeping Solr Data Current
Native Search
Working with Xinet Data Fields
Xinet Data Fields Workflow Overview
Reviewing the Data Fields Available in Your Environment
Adding Data Fields
Modifying or Editing Data Fields
Deleting Data Fields
Establishing Data Field Sets
Adding a Data Field Set
Editing a Data Field Set
File Info Panels
Xinet Templates—the Templates Subtab
Templates Workflow Overview
Summary of existing templates
Editing templates
Deleting templates
Adding templates
Customizing Templates for Individual Users or Groups — the Permission Sets subtab
Permission Set Workflow Overview
Permission Sets summary
Editing permission sets
Adding new permission sets
Assigning templates and permission sets to users
Actions and Trigger Sets Quick-start Guide
Action Summary
Example: creating an Action that will trigger an event
Trigger Summary
Creating a Trigger
Testing the Trigger Set
Removing Trigger Sets and their Trigger Rules
Trigger Set Configuration
Planning a Xinet Trigger Set
How do Trigger Sets work?
The Action Environment
Creating Settings for Actions
List of Actions
The email Action
Establishing a makeversion Action using the xmp:ModifyDate Field
The setdatafield Action
Archiving to disk using Xinet (The movetree Action)
More Details about Triggers and Actions
Some details about Trigger Sets
Using Trigger Sets
Logging for Trigger Sets
Files used in Actions
Example: Customizing an Action that ships with Xinet
Setting Environment Variables for Subsequent Use
Troubleshooting Xinet Trigger Sets
Advanced troubleshooting of Xinet Triggers and Actions
Background for writing your own Actions
Filter Files from Clients via Business Rules
Business Rules Filter Administration
Business Rules Filtering: Command Line Configuration
Combining Prerequisites
How Xinet Reads Data from Files
IPTC/NAA Metadata and Xinet
XMP Metadata and Xinet
Adding Custom XMP namespaces
Importing Data into the Xinet Database
Import Examples
Importing from a Cumulus database
Using the export function in Xinet
Troubleshooting the Xinet database
When the file system and the database don't match
Other important questions to ask when troubleshooting database issues
Further steps for troubleshooting
The venture.log and venturelog.old files
The fpod(1M) vlog file
The SERVER.err file
The at_log file
Logs from Xinet queues
Problems with Office Web previews
Monitoring Xinet print queues
Pending jobs and Print Test
Completed Jobs Logs
Output print queues
The print queues summary
Editing existing queues
Adding and working with output print queues
Removing a printer queue from the server
Configuring printer queues (more about the Edit Queue subtab)
Input print service
Adding and editing spoolers
Adding and configuring input Hot Folders
Adding or editing an input Hot Folder
Using Xinet Hot Folders to do more than print (Custom processing)
General global administration options for output queues
Setting global input ICC profiles
About Xinet ICC Color Correction defaults
Establishing default color profiles settings
PDF Image Replacement workflows
Various terms defined
Server Setup
Using PDF Image Replacement
Security settings
About Access Control Lists
Built-in ACLs
Custom ACL Summary
Editing an existing ACL
Creating a new ACL
Xinet licensing
Xinet License Summary
Send License Request
Install new License
Xinet Logging
Xinet System
Preview Generation logs
FPO/WEB History
Web Access logs
The Database log
The Triggers log
The Print Daemon log
The Table Check log
Command-line manual pages
Administration from the Unix command-line
Licensing using the Unix command-line
Using the UNIX command-line for mounting Mac AppleShare volumes from a UNIX system
Configuring the Xinet server for Drag and Drop and Linked files
Configuring Xinet Support ID on client systems
Dragging and dropping to InDesign documents
InDesign Drag and Drop on Macintosh: Troubleshooting
Database synchronization
Syncs initiated using the Volume tab
Scheduled syncs
Syncs done while browsing
Syncs: to -delnorm or not to -delnorm
Conversions from other systems to Xinet products
Portal Administration Guide
Xinet Portal Server Properties
Logging in and Getting Started with updating Portal Server Properties
Viewing the Xinet Portal Servers in your Environment (The Summary Page)
Changing Apache/PHP Settings
Behind the Scenes: What Happens When you Update Server Settings?
Configuration Settings for Portal Servers (Server Defaults Page)
Editing, Adding or Removing Portal Server Sites
Configure existing sites
Xinet Portal Themes
Theme Configuration
Xinet Portal tags
Variable data tags
Presenting tags in a template
The PORTAL folder
Create a new Marquee Theme Template
Set Up Top-Level Facets (Marquee Only)
The Theme Editor (for Exhibit Sites)
Theme Editor Options
Theme Editor Attributes (for Exhibit sites)
Customize Xinet Portal
Customized tags
Changing existing tags
Adding application and custom icons to the Xinet database for Xinet Portal
Adding an Uploader Distributor to a site
Important files
More than one Default Uploader configuration
Code Example: Filtering what users see based on metadata value
Code Example: Filtering what users see using Search Engine stored procedures
Advanced Xinet Portal Tags: _LINK and _SOURCE tags
Advanced Xinet Portal Tags: _Using Keyword Tags
Localization tags
Appendix: Asset Timer (Exhibit Only)
Configure Asset Timer
Appendix: Xinet Portal Tags and Templates
Variable data tags
Xinet Portal HTML tags
Xinet Portal base templates
Copyright Information
Third-party contributors