Portal Administration Guide : The Theme Editor (for Exhibit Sites)

The Theme Editor (for Exhibit Sites)
The Theme Editor is available for Exhibit themes only.
When adding a new Xinet Portal Exhibit site, you can customize the underlying protocols for the site’s design. The site’s Configuration page, described in Configure existing sites, allows you to alter many aspects of the site’s functionality.
The site’s Theme Editor, described in this chapter, provides an opportunity to fine tune the site’s appearance through adjusting font and background colors, images, and icons, all of which will be registered automatically within the ...Site_Name/templates/portal.css file, which is the Cascading Style Sheet which oversees the appearance of the site.
This chapter provides general directions for using the Theme Editor. Theme Editor Attributes (for Exhibit sites) provides details about individual entries in the Theme Editor and how they effect individual attributes in sites using the Exhibit theme.
Note: The Marquee theme cannot be customized using the Theme Editor. This theme uses different underlying protocols for the CSS file. For information on how to create a new theme template for the Marquee theme, see Create a new Marquee Theme Template.