Client Guide : Using Xinet Pilot : Get Started

Get Started
Understanding the Pilot Interface
The following is an overview of the functionality available in Pilot.
Navigating to the Home Level
Pilot refers to what you immediately see after you log in to the server as the Home level. From this level you can see all the volumes of assets you have been assigned access to. From the Home level, you can search all volumes/folders for assets. For more information about searching for assets, see Searching for Assets.
Navigating to Your Collection
The Collection icon is located at the top left side of the interface. From here you can use any of the Collection plug-ins. Click this icon to view the assets added to the Collection and select a plug-in. For more detailed information on how to use any of our assigned Collection plug-ins, see Using Collection Plug-ins.
Uploading Assets to Pilot
At the top left corner of the interface an Upload icon is available for you to upload new assets to a selected mounted volume. As a Pilot user, you can upload multiple files and folders and then apply metadata to all of the assets uploaded. For more detailed information on how to upload assets, see Uploading Assets.
Logging in as a different user:
Optional: Click Remember me to remember your user name and password the next time you launch Pilot.