Portal Administration Guide : Customize Xinet Portal : More than one Default Uploader configuration

More than one Default Uploader configuration
It is possible to establish more than a single Default configuration. For example, you might want to have one setting for User A and another for User B. To do so, create Uploaders for each. Then include the PHP variable $configName in your site’s local.inc.php file, pointing users to the appropriate Uploader as shown in this example:
if(isset($_SESSION ['USERNAME'])) {
$user = $_SESSION ['USERNAME'];
if ($user == "demo") {
$configName = "settingA";
else {
$configName = "settingB";
where demo would be the name of User A; settingA, the name of the Uploader to use with that user; and settingB, the name of the Uploader to use for the other user.
If you prefer to test by Primary Group rather than user, you can access the user’s group using:
Unix: /usr/etc/portal/DISTRIBUTOR/distributor.log
Windows: C:\Program Files\Xinet\Portal\DISTRIBUTOR\distributor.log
Debugging information will be logged in the Apache error.log file.
To determine what version of the Uploader Distributor is in use: