Administration Guide : Xinet Statistics and Database Operations — the Database, Admin subtab : Setting Xinet preferences (the dblogd.conf file)

Setting Xinet preferences (the dblogd.conf file)
The dblogd.conf file contains important configuration information for Xinet. This section describes the various switches that can be used in that file.
The dblogd.conf file is found in the following locations:
Program Files (x86)\Xinet\WebNative\Admin\dblogd.conf
Settings Written to the dblogd.conf File
The following settings are written to the dblogd.conf file by the xinet ADMINISTRATION view:
The Database, Admin, Summary section shows the amount of Free Space left on the disk containing the Xinet data directory, the running state of dblogd(8) (paused/running) and the process ID (pid) of the current master dblogd(8) daemon. Even if you have configured no other settings in Xinet, these settings will exist in the dblogd.conf file.
[Daemon State]
Free Space=12345
Backup Settings
The Xinet Quick and Full backup settings are found on the Database Admin, Backup page. This page shows the path where backups will be stored, as well as the execution schedule for both Full and Quick database backups.
Settings to Store/Purge Events
Another group of settings that can be changed in the xinet ADMINISTRATION view determine the number of events to be stored in the Event table. There are two settings in the Database, Admin, Settings, File History Logging area that work in concert to determine when events will be purged from the database: the number of items to store for each file (the Store a maximum of number events per file type in box) and the length of time (in days) to store the event (the From only the last number days type in box).
In the example below, the settings were modified so that the oldest events will be purged once there are more than 100 events per file, and only if they occurred more than 10 days ago.
[Volume History Size]
[Volume History Time]
Check Baskets when a File or Folder in a Venture Volume is Renamed
The following option in the [Options] section causes dblogd to check all baskets whenever a file or folder in a Venture volume is renamed:
When set to 1, this option ensures that moved files remain in the basket, instead of seeming to disappear from the collection. It's an option because it can be rather expensive to check all baskets every single time a file is renamed.
Restore Old Behavior (Spawning Processes to Create Missing Previews during dblogd Processing)
The following option in the [Refresh Time] section restores the original preview generation behavior during periodic syncs:
When set to 1, files are checked that they have previews, and if they do not, the preview build is initiated immediately. These spawned processes slow down dblogd processing.
If PreviewsDuringSync is not set, the entire sync is run without forcing previews to be started. A single "dtrebuild" command is run afterwards, with the "-nofpo" option to cover the entire volume.
It is recommended that you keep this option turned off (PreviewsDuringSync=0). This will speed up the periodic sync process because dblogd is not paused every time a process is spawned to create missing previews. The dtrebuild commend, run after the sync, is asynchronous, so it can occur in parallel with normal dblogd processing.