Client Guide : Using Xinet Pilot : Downloading Assets

Downloading Assets
From the Details view, you can download High-resolution and FPO’s for the selected asset you are viewing.
In the Details view, click Download High-Res to download the original file. Use High-resolution files when you are editing the file. Note, you can print high-resolution output when you haven’t incorporated FPO images.
In the Details view, click Download FPO to download a low resolution file for editing purposes. A For Placement Only (FPO) image is a low-resolution view of a higher-resolution image which can be used to speed up document layout and print time. Inside the spooler, the Xinet graphic production server automatically replaces the FPO with the high-resolution corollary. During the process of image substitution, the server can also automatically perform such actions as correcting color for a given output device, fixing problems with gradient fills, and transparencies.
Setup Instructions for Accessing FPOs