Administration Guide : Monitoring Xinet print queues : Pending jobs and Print Test

Pending jobs and Print Test
The Pending Jobs page provides a way to survey, reorder and cancel individual jobs that are waiting to be processed by a spooler. It’s a useful tool when you are balancing output device loads or when a client needs quicker turn around. Its Print Test can also help determine where problems lie when a device isn’t working properly.
To use the Pending Jobs page:
Select the queue of interest using the Print Queue pop-up list, then select a particular job from the list.
The selected job will be highlighted in gray.
Put on Hold
Make next
Make last
Move to Queue (Select the new queue from the pop-up list. Take care because the
job will be moved as soon as you release your selection.)
[optional] Click the Print Test button to send a test PostScript file to the device. The test will jump to the head of the queue but will not interrupt a job currently being processed.