Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

DBLOGD(8) manual page


dblogd - daemon responsible for sending information from FullPress and WebNative to the MySQL WebNative Venture database.


dblogd [ -d dblev | -D ] [ -a ] [ -s ] [ -n ] [ -p | -u | -v | -k | -m mirror directory ]


The dblogd daemon is responsible for transmitting events generated by FullPress and WebNative to the MySQL WebNative Venture database. FullPress and WebNative programs write events into webdblog files, located in the FullPress administrative directory. The dblogd daemon reads these webdblog files and gives the events to mysqld for processing. When a syncvoltodb (8) process is running, or when a backup of the database is being made by dbmgr (8) , dblogd will be paused. Events continue to be written to the webdblog file. If that file grows to 1MB, a second webdblog file will be generated. This continues until dblogd is unpaused (or restarted if it was turned off). The dblogd daemon will read the oldest event first, working through each webdblog file until all events have been passed to mysqld . For example, if dblogd was off during a period of high system activity, there could be a backup of three webdblog files:


Since the events inside webdblog.0001 are the oldest, that file will be processed. When all events have been read by dblogd , that file will be deleted and the remaining files will be renamed. So, webdblog.0001 will be deleted, and webdblog.0002 will become webdblog.0001 . Next, webdblog.0001 will be processed in its entirety. When it has been processed, it too will be deleted, and dblogd will turn its attention to webdblog , which it will read and process.


The flags are defined as follows:
-d dblev
Turns on debugging at a certain level, represented by dblev (in hex).
Turns on full debugging and prevents backgrounding.
sends debugging output to at_log (4)
Keeps a copy of the event log files (webdblog.xxxx ) for debugging purposes.
Prevents some child processes from forking.
Pauses the currently running dblogd process.
Restarts the currently paused dblogd process.
Returns the version number for dblogd .
Kills a running dblogd .
-m mirror directory
Mirrors events from one server on another. This flag is used to synchronize two different servers: one running FullPress and the other one running WebNative Venture. The FullPress server generates WebNative Venture events from ksd (8) , mkfpo (1) , etc.. The WebNative Venture server generates events by means of listdir , uploads , etc.. For this reason, events from both servers need to be merged. Enabled volumes must be synchronized, as with NFS mounts or other shared filesystems; FullPress and WebNative Venture users should be accessing the same volumes. To make sure this mirroring of events takes place between the WebNative Venture server and FullPress server, you have to:
  • Mount the /var/adm/appletalk directory from the WebNative Venture server to a new location on the FullPress server via NFS.
  • Run the following on the FullPress server:
    dblogd -m
  • new location for the NFS mount

    That way all the events generated on the FullPress server will be added to the WebNative Venture server webdblog event log as well, causing the right updates in the WebNative Venture database.


    Runs the daemon and puts it in the background.
    dblogd -k
    Kills the current dblogd process.
    dblogd -m /raid/wnvmount
    Copies all local events to the directory /raid/wnvmount


    Log files containing unprocessed events.