Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

SYNCVOLTODB(1M) manual page


syncvoltodb - manually synchronizes information about files in the file system with the WebNative Venture database


syncvoltodb [ options ] [ actions ] [ path | -i input file | -f file | -dir ]


The syncvoltodb (1M) program, used to manually synchronize information about files in the file system to the WebNatve Venture database, can be given a path, a text file containing a list of paths or a single file to update. For a normal synchronization not using the -del or -delnorm flags, syncvoltodb (1M) will check the modification dates of files in the database to decide whether to rescan a folder's information.


Runs syncvoltodb (1M) without forking child processes for each new file.
Turns on full debugging output to standard error.
A hint used to indicate that a path is a directory and not a file. Only used for archived paths that are no longer on the file system.
Turns on SQL query debug output.
Turns on normal debugging output.
Prevents the backgrounding of the process.
Run the synchronization while temporarily disabling access to WebNative Venture information during the process. The information returned will come directly from the filesystem.
Does an HSM-compatible synchronization that prevents offline data from being staged. It will try to populate only the file information that is available in the nearline resource information. You won't get previews nor XMP data, etc.
Use -skiptop to synchronize only the contents of a folder without synchronizing the parent folder itself.


Runs a full resynchronization of all files, presetting files offline before resynchronizing all of the files in the given path. This will also run the equivalent of a dbmgr -dbclean which removes various types of orphaned or duplicated database entries.
Will synchronize only online files.
Will synchronize only the file information of archived files, skipping the reading in of the small preview data.
This reads in the small preview data of the archives in the given path.
Skips the synchronization of archive previews but does the online and archived file information.
Indicates that the data should not be converted. Used for special 2-byte languages like Japanese.
Synchronizes the "Archived" flag of the file table to indicate whether the file has an archive. Only used to update older versions of the database that did not support the flag.
Force the synchronization of paths that are not currently WebNative Venture enabled.
Same as -del without the dbmgr -dbclean .
Prevents reading a file's XMP information
Updates the XMP data for the files (and implicitly the file table). Must not be used in conjuction with other flags.
Synchronizes video files, if they are enabled. This will force a resync of preview data of movie files.
-doext ,ext [,...]
Forces synchronization of a specific comma-separated set of filename extensions. Mostly useful for updating previews of specific movie formats that are newly-supported.
Synchronizes PDF files, if multipage PDF view is enabled. This will force a resync of preview data of PDF files.
Synchronizes Office files, if multipage PDF view is enabled and has been installed. This will force a resync of preview data of office files.
When synchronizing PDF files, Quark or InDesign documents, and Office documents, this option prevents previews and links from being extracted. Only text will be synced, assuming it's enabled for the volume.


path | -i input file | -f file
By supplying a path you direct syncvoltodb (1M) to a particular directory or volume to be synchronized. You may use simple relative paths, such as ./foo or ../foo , but nothing more complex. With input file , syncvoltodb (1M) uses a text file which should contain a list of paths (one per line) to directories or volumes. Using -f file in front of a list item allows you to specify a file as the target for a synchronization.