Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

Command-line manual pages
This appendix contains individual descriptions of programs which Xinet installs on the server. The descriptions appear in alphabetical order.
These programs were originally developed for the Unix operating system, and while for the most part, the descriptions of them are accurate for Windows systems, you may occasionally find options or terminology which do not apply. Many of the file name paths may still refer to Unix systems, e.g., /usr/etc/appletalk, /var/adm/appletalk, and /usr/etc/venture/bin. In most cases /usr/etc/appletalk maps to C:\Program Files\Xinet\FullPress, /var/adm/appletalk becomes C:\Program Files\Xinet\FullPress\Admin, and /usr/etc/venture/bin becomes C:\Program Files\Xinet\Venture\Bin.
On Unix systems, the manual pages printed in this section may be installed in the appropriate directories for access with the Unix man(1) command.