Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

MKFPO(1) manual page


mkfpo - make FPO versions of images


/usr/etc/appletalk/mkfpo [ format options ] filename


mkfpo takes an image file filename and makes low-resolution FPO (For Placement Only) versions of the file in its resource fork. The FPOs are used in place of the original image on Low-Resolution AppleShare volumes. It is almost never useful for a user to call mkfpo directly. It is called automatically from fpod(8) , possibly initiated by the dtrebuild(8) program. FPO image options for each volume may be set using the FullPress(1) GUI program.

If you must run mkfpo by hand, the current set of accepted format options for generating FPOs are printed directly from mkfpo by running it with no arguments.


Contains per-volume fpo options, parsed by fpod.
File where error messages from mkfpo are logged.

See Also

FullPress(1) , dtrebuild(8) , ksd(8) , fpod(8) , fpovolopts(5)