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About Xinet ICC Color Correction defaults
Configuring Xinet for automated color correction involves establishing parameters for input and output. Most of the information in this section has to do with input parameters. You will find the complementary printer queue configuration options in ICC color profile selection for printer queues.
While individual print queues may optionally invoke color correction, Xinet can’t make any color corrections unless the images also have ICC profiles which describe the conditions under which they were created or scanned. To state it another way, Xinet will not try to correct color unless you specify ICC Profiles for both input image and output queue.1
The choices you make on the Color Settings page can allow color correction to proceed if the original image doesn’t have an embedded profile. It allows you to set up Xinet so that during print spooling and the image-substitution process, the server will use default ICC profiles (based on image type) to correct images as they are being inserted into the print stream. If an image already has a profile embedded, you can make sure the server uses that profile instead with an option you set for the output queue. (Once again, see ICC color profile selection for printer queues.)
Using the Color Settings page, you can assign system-wide ICC profiles to images that don’t have their own profiles on an image-type by image-type and colorspace-by-colorspace basis. Upon installation, the default value for every image format is (None).

There is actually an exception to this generalization, for example., if a user sends a LAB image through a queue where an output profile has been specified, Xinet will correct for color even though an input profile may not have been specified.