Administration Guide : Customizing Templates for Individual Users or Groups — the Permission Sets subtab : Assigning templates and permission sets to users

Assigning templates and permission sets to users
Once you’ve set up permission sets for templates, you’re ready to assign them to users or groups of users. Through permission sets, you can customize which fields users see and how they interact with them.
To assign a template and permission set to a user:
Click on the Volumes/Users, Permissions, Edit User Permissions.
Select from the Username pop-up list the user or group whose database interactions you want to configure.
Select a template from the Template pop-up list
Select a permission set from the Permission Set pop-up list.
Click on the Submit button.
[optional] If this is the first time you have assigned a new permission set, you might want to open another browser and try it as a user, to make sure it gives your user the experience you want.