Client Guide : Introduction to Xinet

Introduction to Xinet
The Xinet server accelerates creative and production workflows, making it easier for internal staff, vendors and remote clients to collaborate on projects. A server-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system sits behind a powerful graphic-production infrastructure capable of hosting multi-site, collaborative networks linked over the Internet and accessible through any browser. In addition to the server-based software, Xinet provides a number of tools that improve client-side efficiency when interacting with the server. This guide introduces those tools.
Being highly configurable, Xinet software supports a myriad of workflows. From its hundreds of features, Xinet customers determine which work best in their organizations. Most system administrators—to secure streamlined tracking, metadata collection and efficient production—limit access to assets, and also present only a subsample of the Xinet feature list to each user. As a result, Xinet clients may not be able to make use of every feature described in this guide. However, should you encounter a feature that does not work in your environment, please check with your system administrator to determine if having access to it might offer an improvement.
Personal interactions may also vary from descriptions in this guide, depending on what kind of access you have to the central server. Users with direct access to assets on the server may interact with them in a different fashion than remote users who gain access to assets through Web browsers.
What Xinet can do
In today’s world, led by Omni-Channel Communication and Digital Transformation, it is imperative to have a robust and streamlined Digital Supply Chain for the creation and management of marketing materials. Your business has grown... Maybe even gone global.... And with that success has come a mountain of work-in-progress digital assets. Files, logos, documents, artwork, images and massive amounts of electronic data that your content creators are working with each and every day. How do you facilitate collaboration between creators and reviewers?
Is everyone using the most current version? How can you manage and make the most of your assets? What is the best way to ensure everyone is following the right workflow to get the job done and be efficient at the same time? The answer is North Plains’ Xinet solution.
Xinet is the standard-setting creative asset management system for streamlining workflow and maximizing production. With multiple assets stored across multiple drives in multiple time zones, managers and creative teams need to be able to quickly search for, access and approve files from one central location.
With Xinet, design teams and creative agencies can efficiently manage all versions of digital assets while managers have clear insight into the creative process. Users can access your on-site server from off-site locations - an ideal benefit for agile companies with growing creative teams. Utilizing an asset management software solution promotes a collaborative environment so your team avoid creating duplicate files and are able to rapidly locate the most recent assets.
Why Xinet?