Administration Guide : Troubleshooting the Xinet database : The fpod(1M) vlog file

The fpod(1M) vlog file
Unless you altogether turn Archive and rotate accounting files option (see ), the Xinet server will automatically log some information from several Xinet programs, namely pdfsync, syncxmp, officesync, and movsync whenever a new file arrives on or shows up in a new location on the server. The information will be written in a file called vlog, whose contents you can see most easily in the Logging, Preview Generation, Syncing History page. (See Syncing History log.) You can also find it in the following location:
Unix: /var/adm/appletalk/fpodq/vlog
Windows:C: \Program Files\Xinet\FullPress\Admin\fpodq/vlog.wri
You may want to make special use of this log when you encounter problems with document previews or with XMP metadata. Normally, the file will only contain information about which file ID and location; but, you can manually cause more debugging information to be written in the files using the check-box options found under the Logging, Settings, Preview Daemon tab (Preview Daemon logging options).
You may also turn on more debugging information by hand, as follows:
Open the fpod.conf file with a text editor. You’ll find the file in the following location:
Unix: /usr/etc/venture/var
Windows:C: \Program Files\Xinet\Venture\var
The fpod.conf file provides the fpod(1M) daemon with information for managing the previews it generates. Add a -D flag to the process for which you want to see more debugging information. For example, if you wanted more information about PDF preview generation, you would change the pdfsync entry to be:
18 $v/bin/pdfsync -D -fid$i -volflags$f
Then, look within the vlog file to see if you can determine the source of your problems.
The vlog will be rotated on a weekly basis, with the older file being named vlog.old. Each week, vlog.old will be overwritten.
Note for those upgrading a version of Xinet: If you have just upgraded your server from a version of Xinet prior to Xinet version 16.0, your server won’t automatically generate a separate vlog file because the upgrade process never changes pre-existing configuration options. To make sure this file can be written:
Open the Xinet GUI on your server.
On the Print/Hot Folder, General Admin page, set the Archive and rotate accounting files option to any value other than Never.