Administration Guide : Configuring a User’s Collection Plug-ins : Default administration actions for Collections

Default administration actions for Collections
Any user allowed to administer a Collection will have the features described in this section. (Users gain access to this interface by clicking the Collection icon in the top left corner of an open Collection.) You, of course, may add to the operations your users can perform on Collections. The following illustration presents an overview of the default features:
Figure 0-3 Xinet Portal Exhibit theme - Default Collection features
Saving Collections
Sometimes a user will generate a Collection and want to save this grouping of files for later use, e.g., the user is waiting to add additional files to the Collection. The basketadmin plug-in is a standard plug-in that performs this operation. When users request to save a Collection, they will be prompted to name the Collection if they have not already typed in a name in the New Collection Name box. Note that saving a Collection saves only that logical grouping of the files. It does not save the files themselves. Being saved as a member of a Collection does not prevent a file from being deleted or modified.
Selecting an existing collection
Because operations can only be performed on the active selection, there is an option to allow loading of saved Collection s into the active window. Users may select existing Collections from the pop-up menu, and add the contents to the current Collection, replace the current Collection with the contents, or delete the selected Collection. The act of loading a Collection does not alter the fact that the Collection is saved.
Clearing Collections
Portal will remember the user’s Collections, including the active Collection, even between sessions. The user could empty the entire collection by unchecking each box, but that is cumbersome. The Clear Collection function allows an entire Collection to be cleared in a single operation. Just as saving a Collection does not save the actual files, deleting a Collection does nothing to the actual files, it just removes the logical associations.
Additional Collection plug-ins
There are a number of commercially-available plug-ins that have been developed for Xinet to facilitate specific jobs. Your Authorized Xinet Integrator can provide you with more information about any of these plug-ins. Plug-ins control operations users perform on their Collections. You should configure which ones are available for each user or group.
To open the Plug-in Configuration window, click on the Volume/Users, Plug-ins tab, then turn on or off any features you want the user see. If you have custom plug-ins running on your system or have licensed additional Xinet software, you may see additional choices:
To turn on or off plug-ins for an individual user or a group of users, select the user or group in the pop-up Username list, then use the on and off buttons associated with each plug-in to give or remove access.