Client Guide : Using Xinet Pilot : Previewing Asset Details

Previewing Asset Details
By clicking on the Show Details icon, you can review the assets metadata, comments, version, links, archived, and history. In addition, you can download high-resolution and FPO’s, add annotations, add or remove an asset from your Collection, change the file properties, download the file, and move, copy, rename, or delete the file.
When reviewing the details of an asset, a number of tools are available for you to use.
Using the Details view thumbnail tools
Using the Details view Action Tabs
To show asset details:
From the Home location, click on a folder to view your assets thumbnails in the browser view.
Go to the Short view to see the tool icons under your assets. See Changing How Assets are Displayed.
The Details view is displayed. From this dialog box, you can view a thumbnail image of the asset, use any of the related tools provided, review the basic file information, update metadata, add/delete/review comments, review history, create versions of an asset, review a list of linked files associated with an asset and review archive information.
Using the Details view thumbnail tools
From the Details view you can use the following tools:
Click the Download icon to download a High-Res or FPO of an asset viewed in the Details view.
Click the Annotations icon to view all of the annotations and comments added to an asset during a project workflow. A list the user names of those who added annotations and dates are displayed. For more information, see Opening a File with Annotations.
Click the Collection icon to quickly add or remove the asset viewed in the Details view. For more information, see Using Collection Plug-ins.
Click the Image Order icon to change the width and height and crop the asset you are currently viewing in the Details view. For more information, see Creating an Image Order.
Click the Manage Files icon to quickly move, copy, rename, or delete a file. For more information, see Managing Files.
Click Get Sharable Link to copy a URL to the clipboard for sharing or keeping track of. The following image shows an example of getting a sharable link (click the icon next to the URL to copy it to the clipboard
Click Browse Folder to return to the folder view.