Administration Guide : Xinet licensing : Send License Request

Send License Request
The easiest way to receive a new license is to use the Send License Request tab. You may, however, also telephone Xinet at the following numbers:
To send a license request:
Click on the Send License Request subtab.
If the Xinet product serial number has not been filled in automatically, go back to the Xinet License subtab, copy it, and after returning to the license-request form, paste it in the appropriate field
If you have e-mail service set up on the server, make sure that the E-mail the request button is selected, and click on the Submit button.
You will receive everything you need to license the server at the Return e-mail address you just supplied.
If you do not have e-mail service on your current server, save the request to a file by clicking the Save to a file option, and afterwards, e-mail the completed form to from any active mail service.