Administration Guide : User Permissions : Editing User Permissions

Editing User Permissions
The Edit User Permissions page allows you to assign pre-established Templates and Permission Sets to individuals or groups in order to streamline interactions.
Xinet comes with some Templates already established. You may, however, create new ones. For more information about adding and editing the Templates and Permission Sets you will assign through the Volumes/Users, Permissions subtab, refer to:
Xinet Templates—the Templates Subtab
Customizing Templates for Individual Users or Groups — the Permission Sets subtab
The Default User Permissions
The settings you assign to the Username Default will be used for any new user for whom you to do not explicitly set up Permissions. This can serve as a shortcut when you anticipate having many users with the same Permissions. Edit the Permissions for Default as appropriate for these users. New users, without further configuration, will inherit them.