Client Guide : Using Xinet Pilot : Managing Files

Managing Files
In the Details view, clicking the Manage Files icon allows you to change the file properties, download the file, and move, copy, rename, and delete the file.
Using the Details view Action Tabs
A list of the custom metadata fields is listed in the right pane of the Details view. Your Administrator creates metadata fields for you to use. Contact your Administrator if you require changes made. Once you have added data, click Save All to save the metadata added.
Alternatively, you can update metadata from the browser view when you click on the asset. The metadata is displayed in the right pane. Once updated, click the edit icon to save your updates.
Add your comments about the asset being viewed in the Details view. You can view the user name, date, and comments added. Type into the provided comment field and click Add.
Note: You can only delete comments added by yourself. Comments created by other users cannot be deleted.
Create a new version of the current asset being viewed in the Details view. You can create versions of an asset to track the changes made over the time of a production period. At any point you can change which version is the working version. Once done, the versions created are displayed in the Annotations view and the version selected as the working copy is displayed in the browser view for other Pilot users to view.
To create a version of an asset:
In the Show Details view, click the Version tab.
Click Create New Version.
To delete a version:
To compare the original asset against any version created:
Note: This functionality must be enabled by your administrator. (In PORTALADMIN, the Display Options setting Show versions in Compare tool.)
Open the Details view, click Open File with Annotations.
Click Close to return to the Details view.
Review the history of who did what to the current asset in the Details view. From here you can review the history of annotations added, actions and triggers executed, download activities, manage file operations, and collection operations.
Review the frames used in a video. Select a frame to be the default preview displayed in the browser view.
Review the linked files associated with an asset in the Details view. For example, InDesign files often have linked files associated with a layout. When updating and saving linked files in an the application, Pilot displays the updated linked files in the Details view.
Provided you have permission to work with archived files you will see an Archived tab in the Details view if the file has been archived. From here you can view the date the asset was archived and the archive name. You can add this asset to your Collection.