Administration Guide : Troubleshooting the Xinet database : Logs from Xinet queues

Logs from Xinet queues
Xinet depends upon five daemons that in turn communicate with its
fpod(1) daemon. They include:
mview which allows Xinet to display previews of InDesign files
syncxmp which writes XMP information from files into the Xinet database
pdfsync which ensures that multipage PDF previews will be written into the database
movysnc which is responsible for writing key frames from video files into Xinet
officesync which helps provides previews of Microsoft Office documents for Xinet
A Xinet option exists that causes the server to write information about these daemons into a log file, which you can view using the Logging, Preview Generation, Syncing History page, where you can monitor what’s going on and get a better understanding of what may be causing problems.
The only prerequisite for log-file creation is a single setting within the Print/HotFolder, General Admin page.. The setting Archive and rotate accounting files option must have any of the possible settings except Never. If you are not seeing the vlog file, check this setting.