Administration Guide : Xinet Logging : Xinet System

Xinet System
The Logging, Xinet System tab shows the contents of the Xinet System log file (/var/adm/appletalk/at_log on Unix systems and C:\Program Files\Xinet\FullPress\Admin\at_log.wri on Windows systems.) Xinet writes time-stamped error messages about start-up, shutdown, and various error conditions there primarily for the use of daemon processes that run in the background. Since most messages in this log relate to problems at a particular time, it can be truncated with little loss of information. It s contents are cycled to at_log.old and a new at_log is created whenever Xinet or the server itself is restarted.
By default, the window always shows the end of the file first, for example, the Most Resent events.You may scroll back through the file using the side bar or use the pop-up option to display the earliest event in the log file. The time of that event will be displayed in the pop-up list.
The page also contains an option to allow you to stop updating log contents in the window, if you need to stop its live updates temporarily.
Note: It is possible to copy and paste information from the log files and e-mail it to the Xinet technical support staff if you have problems you can’t figure out.