Administration Guide : Troubleshooting the Xinet database : When the file system and the database don't match

When the file system and the database don't match
This section covers a scenario common to some older installations in which files on the file system were not accurately reflected in users’ browsers. If this occurs, you should look at three things:
Is there a backlog of webdblog files? Check these locations for the existence of more that one of these log files:
Unix: /var/adm/appletalk
Windows: C:\Program Files\Xinet\FullPress
If there is only one webdblog file, event processing is probably up-to-date. If there is more than one, you should verify that dblogd(8) (the database daemon) is running.
In the Xinet Administration view, go to the Database, Admin Settings subtab. This will report the current state of dblogd(8), either Running or Stopped. If it is stopped, you can click on the Restart Daemon button to start dblogd(8). It will then read through the accumulated webdblog files and add missing changes to the database. These will then show up to users as they browse Xinet.
If dblogd(8) is not running—and, restarting it did not fix the problem—put the daemon in debug mode and send its log file to Xinet Technical Support for further investigation:
a. Stop the daemon if it is running:
Unix: /usr/etc/venture/bin/dblogd -k
Windows: \PROGRA~1\Xinet\Venture\bin\dblogd -k
b. Next, verify that it has stopped:
Unix: ps -ef | grep dblogd
Windows: Look inside the Task Manager/Processes GUI for dblogd

The process should not be running.
c. Start the daemon again, this time in debug mode:
Unix: /usr/etc/venture/bin/dblogd -D >& /tmp/dblogd.out
where /tmp/dblogd.out is the name of the file to which dblogd(8) will write its output
Windows: \PROGRA~1\Xinet\Venture\bin\dblogd -D 2> dblogd.out
where dblogd.out is the name of the file to which dblogd(8) will write its output
d. Recreate the problem (or simply let the daemon die if that happens to be the issue).
e. Stop the debugging process by repeating step a. (above).
f. Finally, restart dblogd(8) normally by using the Database, Admin, Settings subtab and the Restart Daemon button.
Your debugging output can be sent to Xinet Technical Support, along with a detailed description of the problem, for analysis.