Portal Administration Guide : Customize Xinet Portal : Changing existing tags

Changing existing tags
Example: Replace Top Level with Home in path bar
Goal: In this example, we will replace the word Top Level with the word Home in the path bar for a Exhibit-style site.
Customization method: Add a script within the local.inc.php file, then edit templates which contain a path bar.
For use with: Exhibit-style site.
To change the path name:
Open the Site_Directory/templates/local.inc.php file with a text editor.
$home_path = preg_replace ('/Top Level/', 'Home',
$tmpl->add_var("portalpage", "HOME_PATH", $home_path);
In the info_toolbar.tmpl.html, toolbar.tmpl.html, and filemanger_navigator.tmpl.html templates replace {PATH} with {HOME_PATH}. Also insert <div style="display:none">{PATH}</div> as the second line in each file.