Administration Guide : Xinet Statistics and Database Operations — the Database, Admin subtab : Quick synchronization

Quick synchronization
Periodically, Xinet, via a synchronization performed by dblogd(8), checks to make sure that the information in the file system matches the information in the various database tables. There are a number of circumstances when changes to the file system might not otherwise be registered by MySQL, for example, manual changes made to the file system in a Unix shell. Because this dblogd(8) synchronization is a somewhat CPU-intensive task, it is best to schedule verification at a time when demands on the server are low. The actual time it takes depends on the kinds of previews being stored in the database, how many files have been modified, and the number of tables that are checked.
By default, a periodic or Quick Sync is scheduled to run every Sunday night at midnight. The Quick Sync subtab allows you to change that to any other time, as often as once per day. Periodic Quick Syncs are quicker, although less thorough than other kinds of synchronizations possible within Xinet. They will, however, catch minor discrepancies between the file system and the database.
Use the Verification Schedule pop-up lists and the day check boxes, followed by the Submit button to establish a different schedule for weekly quick synchronization.
For more information about database synchronization, refer to the syncvoltodb(8) man page and to Database synchronization.