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Licensing using the Unix command-line
Licensing demo software with atlic(1)
If you received the Xinet software in demo-mode and want to run the products in its fully-functional mode, you must license the software.To license the software from the command-line, you will need three things:
This subsection provides the steps you should follow to obtain these numbers. (If you purchased a license before receiving the software, your serial number will be on a sticker on the first page of your manual.)
The atlic(1) command allows you to view and modify the status of your Xinet license. It will also provides your machine’s hardware ID when you run it.
To obtain a license for Xinet products, follow these steps:
Run atlic(1) to get your hardware ID number:

# /usr/etc/appletalk/atlic
It will display the ID and ask for a license string. Press “Enter” to exit atlic(1).
Once you have your hardware ID and serial number, contact Xinet:
Telephone with your request (510 845-0555), or
Fax your request (510 644-2680) using the license request form you received with your software, or
Send your request via email to

# /usr/etc/appletalk/atlic
The atlic(1) program will provide your hardware ID number, and ask that you type in your license number. Type in your license number at the prompt:

Enter your new license here:
You will receive a warning message if you type in an incorrect number.