Administration Guide : Setting global input ICC profiles : Establishing default color profiles settings

Establishing default color profiles settings
Embedding profiles in Xinet RGB previews
Some Web browsers correct color displays based on ICC profiles, so you may want to think about the profile that Xinet inserts when it generates previews. By default, the server will embed an RGB profile; but you can easily assign another (or none at all), using the steps shown below.
If you do not want profiles embedded, you have the option of selecting (None) from the Profile used to generate RGB Preview images popup list.
Setting ICC color correction system-wide defaults
The Color Settings, Summary page provides information about how Xinet will associate color profiles with each type of image in various color spaces when images don’t already have profiles already embedded. You can change these settings using the Edit icon for each image type.
Remember: there is an instance when an already-embedded profile will not be used, namely, when you select a print queue option that ignores embedded profiles. Then, the profiles displayed in the Color Settings, Summary page will be used then, instead.
To set system-wide defaults for associating profiles:
On the Summary page, click on the Edit Setting icon associated with each image format to edit its default settings. The example below shows settings for TIFF images:
Use the Profile source directory path, the popup Folders... selection button and the Scan this folder for profiles button to locate the directory where your profiles are stored.
Then, for each color space (for example., Grayscale Palette color, RGB, CMYK, and LAB), use the pop-up lists to select a profile. Keep in mind that the selection you make provides a default solution for images that do not already have a profile associated with them.
If you do not want a profile associated with a colorspace, choose (None).
Click Submit when you have finished.