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IMAGETOPS(1) manual page


imagetops - convert image file to printable PostScript


/usr/etc/appletalk/imagetops [ -D |-ddblev ] [ -J jobname ] [ -n user ] [ -p printer ] [ -m mode ] [ -P ppd ] filename


The program imagetops produces a printable PostScript version of the image filename on standard output. It will be able to read all image formats that the psfiletype(1) program labels as ``image'' or ``eps.''


The image is sized to fit into the Imageable Area of the destination printer, determined by (in order of precedence): 1) a SETUP.PPD.user file in the current working directory, 2) a SETUP.PPD file in the current working directory, 3) a ppd file supplied via the -P option, or 4) a PRINTER.PPD file in the current working directory.

The mode parameter affects how the image is fit onto the page. In fit mode (which is the default), the image is either grown or shrunk to fill the entire Imageable Area while preserving its aspect ratio. If mode is noscale, the image is not scaled at all, and is centered within the Imageable Area. In this case, if the image is larger than the page, it will be cropped. The mode custom causes the page size to be forced to the dimensions of the image, and the Imageable Area is ignored. The only other valid mode is shrink, which is equivalent to noscale if the image is smaller than the Imageable Area, or fit if the image is larger than the Imageable Area. The mode is set either from the settings for printer or from the -m option, whichever option is last on the command line.

The -d option sets the debugging message mask to dblev. The debugging mask is documented in opidebug(5) . Full debugging can be enabled with the -D option. By default, debug messages go to standard error. Any supplied jobname is placed in the PostScript header %%Title comment. The user option is also placed in the PostScript header %%For comment. The -p option gives the name of the print queue for which this image is being converted. The only thing currently affected by this is the mode.

See Also

psfiletype(1) , opidebug(5)