Administration Guide : Xinet Templates—the Templates Subtab

Xinet Templates—the Templates Subtab
Although Xinet can store an unlimited number of Data Fields, most users or groups of users would find it distracting to see all of the fields that exist. Some fields may also be of a sensitive nature, and, therefore, not appropriate for every user to see. Templates let you preset Data Fields in groups so you can assign each user to a particular template that contains a particular subset of Data Fields for that user to view and search through.
Xinet provides two ways for you to screen which fields users see. This chapter describes setting up templates in which you establish groups of fields and the order of their appearance when viewed from browsers. Customizing Templates for Individual Users or Groups — the Permission Sets subtab describes how to further refine which fields individual users or groups of users see within their templates.
The following topics are provided in this section: