Administration Guide : Working with Xinet Data Fields

Working with Xinet Data Fields
Information recorded in the database is kept in fields and each of these fields has a particular format, depending on the type of information stored in the field. Some fields may require text, some numbers, and some numbers in a particular format. The fields are distinguished from one another by different names. Their names appear in the first column of the primary Data Fields, Summary tab.
Some of the fields come from Adobe XMP specifications, such as you find in Photoshop files. These fields appear automatically when you install the database and are marked by asterisks, and although they can be hidden from users, they can’t be deleted from the system. Keep in mind that Adobe has mapped all IPTC fields to XMP fields and in some cases used an XMP field name that differs from the original IPTC name. Xinet, however, has maintained older IPTC field names to ensure backwards compatibility.See the table in Understanding data field names to see where Adobe has made changes to the names of fields.
Use the Data Fields to define the types of data stored in your database. Data Fields allows you to add new fields, change the existing fields, and define the Field Sets applied to users to limit what data fields they see in the Portal Filters tab.
The following topics are provided in this section: