Administration Guide : More Details about Triggers and Actions : Advanced troubleshooting of Xinet Triggers and Actions

Advanced troubleshooting of Xinet Triggers and Actions
For server administrators who have advanced understanding of Xinet Triggers and Actions, this section delves into the structure and information found in the trigger.log file.
The trigger.log file, accessible through the Logging, Trigger subtab, will give a list of the variables used in each attempt to run an action, and that data can be used to exercise the action before implementing it in a workflow or troubleshooting why an action may not be behaving as expected.
Your log should look something likes this:
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[0]=/usr/etc/webnative/actions/email/email
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[1]=-f
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[2]=/raid/testfiles/file.eps
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[3]=-k
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[4]=CheckBox
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[5]=-u
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[6]=demo
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[7]=-arg0
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[8]
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[9]=-arg1
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[10]=Regarding your action
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[11]=-arg2
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ARG[12]=/usr/etc/webnative
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[0]=FILENAME=/raid/testfiles/file.eps
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[1]=URLPATHNAME=/raid/testfiles/file.eps
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[2]=HTMLPATHNAME=raid:testfiles:file.eps
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[3]=USERNAME=demo
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[4]=TYPE=8BIM
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[5]=CREATOR=EPSF
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[6]=KEYWORD60_VALUE=1
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] ENV[7]=KEYWORD60_NAME=T/F
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:38] About to execute [/usr/etc/webnative
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:39] *** Return: [0]
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:39] *Action Succeeded! (estatus=0) Continuing...
[Tue Jun 1 15:43:39]<<ACTION: ruleid[10], action[email], setting[Demo_Email], fname[/raid/testfiles/file.eps], newval[1], oldval[0]
This shows that the setting Demo_Email was run when the value of the CheckBox data field was set to checked; 1 represents the positive value, while 0 is the negative value. Using these values, you may then try to run the Action on the command-line like this to see if it executes properly:
Note: The following string should be typed on a single line.
/usr/etc/webnative/actions/email/email -f "/raid/testfiles/file.eps" -k "CheckBox" -u "demo" -arg0 "" -arg1 "Regarding your action" -arg2 "/usr/etc/webnative/actions/email/settings/Demo_Email.arg02"
C:\Progra~1\Xinet\WebNative\Bin\actions\email\email.bat -f "G:\raid\testfiles\file.eps" -k "CheckBox" -u "demo" -arg0 "" -arg1 "Regarding your action" -arg2 "Progra~1\Xinet\WebNative\Bin\actions\email\Demo_Email.arg02"
For more information, debugging may be turned on in a copy of the /usr/etc/webnative/actions/email/email script on Unix or Progra~1\Xinet\WebNative\Bin\actions\email\email.bat on Windows.
Remember, always edit a copy of the Action script rather than modifying the original file. After copying the script, use the instructions for enabling debugging found within the script to select the desired debug level. Running the Action again, as in the example above, should give you more information about why the Action is behaving incorrectly. With that new information, you may be able to easily determine the cause of the error and correct the situation. If you require more assistance, report the results to along with a description of the problem.