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About the database that Xinet uses
Xinet comes bundled with a commercially-licensed version of the MySQL database.
Xinet looked at and tested many other databases, and found that the MySQL database performed and scaled very well. In addition, its originators could provide Xinet engineers with source code. This allows Xinet to distribute a modified version of the database within Xinet which is very easy to administer. Xinet engineers have been able to ensure that the MySQL database installs and configures automatically when you install Xinet software. You don’t need to install a separate complex database package nor spend a great deal of time configuring it.
Xinet Technote 137, available from, provides details about the kinds of information Xinet stores in its database and the internal structure of tables through which the database stores information. While most users won’t need to understand these details, the instructions in this Technote will allow anyone who wants to write supplemental programs that integrate with the Xinet database to do so. In addition, the information should make the task straight-forward for those who want to copy data from the Xinet database to use in another system, or bring in data from an existing system. Importing Data into the Xinet Database and Using the export function in Xinet also provide information.
The Xinet database handles searches that use regular expressions, supporting all those that MySQL itself supports. If you anticipate conducting these more complex inquires, refer to MySQL documentation for details of the syntax: