Portal Administration Guide : Create a new Marquee Theme Template

Create a new Marquee Theme Template
Portal sites, using the Marquee theme, have the ability to add a number of new themes for your users to use. For example. as an Administrator, you may want to create a new theme using your company branding colors. The Marquee theme provides Administrators the ability to quickly create new Bootstrap themes using a 3rd party applications.
Note: To share the newly created Marquee theme with Portal users going forward, you should create and save your new Marquee theme CSS file in the default directory before creating new Portal sites. By doing so, the CSS file is shared with new Portal sites. For more information about how to create a new Portal site, see Add Sites. If you have existing Portal sites created already, you must save the new Marquee theme CSS file in each Portal Path specified in the Site Manager > Site Summary page. For more information, see Step 5.
In this example, we will use colourlovers.com/palettes/add to generate a new color palette. Once generated, the color palette ID is pasted in to another 3rd party application, PaintStrap, to create a CSS file.
Tip: The colorlovers.com site provides the ability to create your own color palette based on colors used in an image, such as your own logo image.
To create a new Marquee theme:
Create or select a color palette from http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/add to generate a new color palette.
Edit the color palette, click Save, and then copy the palette ID in the browser location path.
Launch PaintStrap.com to generate a CSS file based on the color palette you created.
Step 1: In the Input a color scheme field, paste the color palette ID, and click Next.
Step 2: Optional - Edit the color for each element, such as text, background, and so on. By default this theme is shared in the PaintStrap Gallery. You may choose not to share your theme.
Step 3: Click Generate CSS.
Step 4:Download the CSS files.
Uncompress the download and rename the bootstrap.min.css file with an ‘_” character to separate the theme name.For example, rename the file to bootstrap_JOANNE.min.css.
Tip: Use Coda, a Web editor tool, to verify if the new css file is recognized.
Note: If you want existing Portal sites to use this newly created Marquee theme, log into http:’PortalAddress’/PORTALADMIN, click Site Manager > Site Summary and make not e of the Path for the existing sites you want to grant access to the newly created Marquee theme. Locate the Path directory and open the templates/css directory. Place the CSS file in that directory.
Using an example in the image below, open the /var/www.html/205Marquee directory and then templates/css. Place the new template in this directory.
Request your Portal users to log out and log in again to gain access to the new Marquee template.