Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

OPICP(8) manual page


opicp - copy EPS/PS file, preserve previews and replace FPOs


/usr/etc/appletalk/opicp [ -R ] [ opi options ] inputfile outputfile


opicp takes a PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript file, inputfile, which may contain FPO images and/or OPI comments, and copies the file to outputfile, inserting the appropriate high-resolution images. If inputfile includes a PC-style TIFF preview, it will be copied along with the PostScript. And, unless the -R option is given, the entire AppleShare resource fork and desktop information are also copied.

The OPI replacement function is handled by the opi(8) program. Any command-line options not understood by opicp will be passed through to the opi(8) program.

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