Administration Guide : Setting up Xinet Volumes : Color profiles for Xinet previews

Color profiles for Xinet previews
It is possible, if you want, to use ICC color transformations to influence color fidelity in RGB previews. sp presents information about JPEG previews that originated from RGB originals already containing ICC profiles. While Xinet cannot embed profiles in its GIF, PC-style TIFF, or PICT previews (the protocols for those formats don’t allow it), Xinet can, if you choose to turn on the option, transform color within the previews themselves based on a preselected ICC profile. This applies to both FPO and Web previews.
Before doing anything, check that the profile you intend to use is on your server. By default, Xinet looks for profiles in the following places:
Unix: /var/cms/profiles
Windows: C:\CMS\profiles
OS X: /System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles
You may, however, put profiles in any location and use the GUI described below to point Xinet there.
To have Xinet transform pixels within previews, other than those previews discussed on sp, follow these steps:
Click the Preview Settings tab, without subsequently selecting a volume from the pop-up list. You should see the Color Settings button
Figure 0-5 The Color Settings button
Click the Color Settings button. You’ll see something similar to Figure 0-6.
Use the Profile source directory path to locate the folder/directory in which your profile has been stored. Clicking on any underlined directory in the displayed path will direct attention to that location. For example, on a Unix system, if you wanted to begin at the root directory, you could click on the leading /.
If necessary, use the Folders… pop-up list to select a folder, and then click the Scan this folder for profiles button to populate the pop-up list you will use in the next step.
Use the Profile pop-up list to select a profile.
Figure 0-6 Selecting an ICC profile
Select Submit to register your selection.
Xinet will begin using the selected profile when it creates previews. It will not change previously-created previews, however, unless you use its Update Previews option.
Please also refer to When performing ICC conversions, use Black Point Compensation if you’re interested in Black Point Compensation during preview transformation.
Xinet can also employ ICC profiles to help with color fidelity during print production. If you are interested in this, refer to ICC color profile selection for printer queues and Setting global input ICC profiles.