Administration Guide : Actions and Trigger Sets Quick-start Guide : Example: creating an Action that will trigger an event

Example: creating an Action that will trigger an event
To set up an Action:
Following the instructions in Adding a Boolean Field, create a boolean Data Field called test­_approval with display type Yes/No.
Click on Database, Actions, New Setting tab.
Select the copy Action, from the Action pop-up menu.
Name the new setting copy to my folder.
[optional] For later-on ease of administration, you may want to establish Setting Sets. For example, you might want to distinguish settings meant for engineering from those meant for production. Use the Setting Set type-in box for a new Set, or use the pop-up list for an existing group.
You must choose an option from the Overwrite/Append/Fail drop-down menu. This option will determine whether existing files and folders in the destination will be overwritten, copied with a unique number appended, or whether the copy will simply fail if an item with the same name already exists in that path. The example below shows the settings up to this point.
For this example, select the option, Append Unique Number, from the drop-down list.
Click Save.
Because we also will be configuring an email Action, it is important to verify that your server is able to send e-mail. Test this using the command-line mail application included with your operating system before continuing. If you need to know more about this application on Unix platforms see the man page on mail(1) or Mail(1).
Click on email to add a new Setting to the email Action.
In the New Setting window, first name your Setting Notify Me. Then, enter a description.
[optional] You may add variable in the Subject and Body fields that refer to the file, which when updated, initiates the Action. Set your Subject field to read Notify Me about ${XFILESHORT}!. Be careful about capitalization.
Also, to the Body field, add something like:
The keyword ${XKEY} for file ${XFILESHORT} was changed by ${XUSER}. You should check it out here:${URLPATHNAME}
Your WNV Trigger Set
Substitute the name of your server in place of
Save your Setting.
Now, add another Setting to the email Action called Notify Me Fail, again using your e-mail address in the To field. The Subject field for this Action should read:
Your Trigger Set Failed!
The Body field for this Setting should read:
Thought you'd want to know that your Trigger Set failed. It was trying to perform Actions on "${XFILE}".
Your WNV Trigger Set
Save your Setting.
You can now see three Settings and their descriptions in the list of Actions: one for the copy Action and two for email
To delete a Setting, click the trash can icon next to that Setting.
To jump directly to a Setting and edit it, click the pencil next to that Setting.