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XKSPOOL(1) manual page


xkspool - command-line printer queue creation/removal


xkspool [ -createq qname ] -O object [ -Z zone ]
xkspool -deleteq qname
xkspool -rescript


The program xkspool is a command-line interface to a few of the xktalk (1) GUI's printer maintenance duties. It can create and delete printers, or can updated printer queue scripts. Only the Super-User (root) may use this program.

When run with the -O option, a printer queue will be created to the printer object in the default zone if no -Z option is specified. The name of the queue can be supplied with the -createq option, but qname only overrides a queue name that would have been made from the object name. The final queue name may still be different if qname is not unique in the printing system.

With the -deleteq option, the qname printer queue is deleted, if it's possible to do so.

All out-of-date printer queue scripts (for existing queues) may be updated with the -rescript option. A queue's script is out of date if the current version being created is higher than the ``SV'' key in the print queue's /etc/printcap entry. The ``SV'' key in /etc/printcap is NOT updated when scripts are updated in this way.


xkspool exits with 0 status when the operation succeeds. It exits with a non-zero status and produces one of many error messages to standard error when something fails.


Printer configuration file (also used by the lpr(1) system, if installed).
Directory that holds scripts for queues in the lp(1) and/or lpr(1) printing system.
File holds the pathname to the parent directory where all new printer administration directories (which is the actual spool directory for the lpr(1) printing system) will be created.
Default location to look for pre-defined PostScript Printer Description files.
Xinet startup Shell Script (holds AppleTalk Spooler options).

See Also

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