Administration Guide : Configuring a User’s Collection Plug-ins : Global Custom Image Order and Batch Keyword Apply configurations

Global Custom Image Order and Batch Keyword Apply configurations
For greater efficiency, the Xinet administrator can configure global settings for Custom Image Order and Batch Apply which will automatically be available for all users. While users may temporarily alter the settings before applying them to their Collections, they can not permanently change the configurations nor delete them from batch options.
To save a global configuration:
Once saved, the configuration will appear as a file within that user’s Xinet “home” directory. For example, if you were working as the user, sam, and saved a Batch Image Order configuration as Batch_2CMYK_144DPI, it would appear as:
If sam were to save a Batch Keyword Apply configuration, it would appear within the directory:
Now, create a directory called /var/adm/webnative/batchorder.globals for global Custom Image Order configurations. For global Batch Keyword apply configurations, create a directory called /var/adm/webnative/batchapply.globals (The s on globals is important in the directory names.)
Move the files from /var/adm/webnative/user_name/batchorder or /var/adm/webnative/user_name/batchapply/ into the appropriate batchorder.globals or batchapply.globals directory. (Xinet recommends moving rather than copying to avoid confusion for the user, sam, using our example above.)
The configuration will now appear as saved configuration for all users in Custom Image Order or Batch Keyword Apply plug-in options with ** in front of it.