Client Guide : Using Xinet Pilot : Using Pilot Search Options

Using Pilot Search Options
When browsing for assets in Pilot, a number of search options are available for you. Pilot provides a Solr search engine to complete global quick search queries and filters to assist you in narrowing down your search query results. In addition, Pilot also provides a SQL engine to complete an advanced search query using logical operators. Your search queries can be saved for future use by yourself and for other Pilot users. For more information about creating conducting a global search or creating advanced search queries, see Searching for Assets.
Using the Filters and Navigator
The Filters and Navigator is located on the left pane of the browser interface. When you initially open Pilot, all of the mounted volumes you have access to are displayed. Selecting a volume, displays the assets in that volume plus the navigator and filters tabs in the left pane. The Navigator is automatically expanded to the directory you have selected. Click on any directory to display assets. Expand the Filters tab to view a list of the filters and counts for each used by assets in the selected directory to assist you in narrowing down your search results. Once a filter is selected, the display of assets is updated in the browser view to display only those using the selected filter. To hide the Filters and Navigator, click the collapse icon to enlarge the browser view. For more detailed information on how to work with filters, see Make a Global Quick Search.