Client Guide : Using Xinet Pilot

Using Xinet Pilot
Pilot is a Xinet-aware media browser for Mac and Windows clients. Liberated from Adobe plug-in status, Pilot runs on the client as a service. Xinet Pilot flows seamlessly between InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to allow you to search, browse, add annotations, add metadata, preview assets, and even directly open assets in the original application it was created in with a simple mouse click. With Pilot, you are able to drag and drop images directly from the Pilot interface into Adobe CC layout applications or onto your local desktop for further distribution.
Pilot, in contrast to Xinet Portal, is a tool that has been designed for a production use cases. It is targeted at production operators who need to quickly search to find assets and once they find them, open and edit them in an Adobe application quickly and conveniently.
As of Xinet 19.2.1, an upload-only version of Pilot is available. For instructions on how to install and use this version, see Launch Upload-Only Pilot (macOS).
Note: Xinet Adobe plug-ins are required for workflows using Adobe applications on your computer. For more information about plug-ins see the “Xinet Client Utilities and Plug-ins” in our Systems Requirements and Supported Platforms Guide. For installation instructions, see “Installing Xinet Pilot and Plug-ins on a Macintosh Client Machine” in our Administration Guide.