Administration Guide : PDF Image Replacement workflows : Various terms defined

Various terms defined
Workflow The steps used to go from a page layout program such as Adobe InDesign to a final, high-resolution PDF.
FPO For Placement Only. A low resolution “proxy” of a high-resolution image. An FPO also contains specific information that helps the OPI or PDF Image Replacement process find the original image.
Omit When exporting a PDF from the page layout program, one can set the output options so that one will not include images. Usually the option is phrased “omit for OPI,” usually with more options for omitting specific types of images individually.
Include Not omitting images on export.
Thin PDF A PDF that contains the OPI/Image Replacement tags needed to find the high resolution images on the server. A thin PDF may or may not include FPOs.
PDF Image The process or program that locates images in a Thin PDF and replaces
Replacement with the high-resolution images that they represent. It also converts
embedded high-resolution image data. The resulting PDF is called a Fat PDF.
Fat PDF A PDF that contains only high-resolution images. This is considered the “final output” of the PDF Image Replacement process.
Local Workflow Using the page layout program on the same network as the Xinet server.
Remote Workflow Using the page layout program on a separate network from the Xinet server. The user gains access to volume data via Xinet and a browser.