Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

PREFLIGHT(1) manual page


preflight - check PostScript/PDF file for conformance


/usr/etc/appletalk/preflight [ -D | -d lev ] [ -p printer | -c bits ] file


The preflight program scans the given file and checks the contents against various parameters, making sure the document conforms to the constraints. The file must be PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript or PDF - any other data format will automatically pass the tests.

Which things to check may come from the -c argument (bits can be decimal or hex, if preceeded by 0x), or from the printer given with the -p argument (but not both). The bits are a simple integer bitmask with the following (hex) values:

0001Every font used by the document must be included in it
0002The document may not include any fonts
0004Fonts not included in the document must be on the printer (see below)
0008Run OPI tests (see opi (8) for the list of possible checks)
0010Do not fail if the Courier Font is missing from the document
0020Do not fail if a ``Standard 13'' font is missing from the document

The way preflight checks for fonts on the printer is to open the file PRINTER.PPD in the current directory and check the list of fonts given there. This means that the PPD for an AppleTalk printer must be kept up to date. See buildppd(8) for how to keep font lists current.

This program is usually run in conjunction with a printer queue, and can get debugging and test bits from the queue's printcap(4) entry.


Preflight exits with status 0 if the file passes the checks. Any other exit status indicates failure (of syntax, I/O or actual preflight test failure). The indication of failure will be written to stderr.

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