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BUILDPPD(8) manual page


buildppd - build a PPD file for a printer


/usr/etc/appletalk/buildppd [-s] [-p printername ] [-P printer ] [-T type ] [-Z zone ] [-f file ] [-n] [-D]


The buildppd program constructs a PPD (PostScript Printer Description) file for the specified printer in the current directory. The PPD file is used by a variety of programs (including papserver(8) , textps(1) , and imagetops(1) ) to determine the capabilities of the printer. buildppd first queries the printer for its "Product", and attempts to select the correct PPD from /usr/adm/appletalk/ppds. If this is not possible, it will try to build a simple PPD by querying the printer. The PPD file build in this man is by no means complete, but contains all the information required by the current incarnations of Macintosh LaserWriter drivers. After either selecting or creating the PPD, buildppd will add a current list of fonts to the PPD (which may differ from the factory list of fonts). Re-running buildppd will update the font list.
indicates the printer is serial (see below)
says look for printer with this name (default is LaserWriter)
means look as if it is this type of printer (default is LaserWriter)
tells it which zone to look in (default is the local zone)
tells buildppd to get the printer information from the /etc/printcap file, and to do what is necessary to create the best possible PPD and install it in PRINTER.PPD in the printers spool directory.
creates file rather than replacing PRINTER.PPD. This is used by xkspool(1) to auto-select the PPD when the printer is created.
Causes buildppd to attempt to update the fontlist even if the printer has printer queries disabled. This option must proceed the -p option if they are both used.

turns on debugging.

In order to query a serial printer, the input and output must be redirected. For example:

     (stty 9600 -echo -lcase tabs -nl tandem litout new ; \  
     buildppd -s) < /dev/tty01 > /dev/tty01 
Would build a PPD for a serial printer running at 9600 baud attached to tty01. The stty options may have to be adjusted for your particular printer.

If buildppd cannot communicate properly with the printer, it will build a PRINTER.PPD file anyway, but it will not be very useful.


If you install the printers PPD in /usr/adm/appletalk/ppds, re-running buildppd will copy it in and update the font list. In general, xkspool will take care of running buildppd at the appropriate times.


PRINTER.PPD    The file created.

See Also

psf(8) , papserver(8) , PostScript Printer Description File Format Specification (Adobe Systems Inc).