Administration Guide : Command-line manual pages

OFFICESYNC(8) manual page


officesync - Makes PDF files out of Office documents using the export-as-PDF feature, then passes result to pdfsync (8) to extract previews.


officesync action


The officesync program calls the main (or LibreOffice ) program, soffice , to make intermediate PDFs and then passes them on to pdfsync (8) . The system depends on two programs, officesync (8) and o2pdf.oxt . The program fpod (8) calls officesync to generate previews for a given fileid . The officesync program then calls soffice , having it run a macro that converts the file to a PDF, then passes the PDF file to pdfsync (8) to build Web previews. The WebNative Suite o2pdf.oxt program is an extension, which installs an BASIC macro called XinetLib.Venture.ConvertToPDF. (You can browse and verify its existence using the GUI.)


See the Xinet Administration Guide's Installation chapter for supported versions of the or software, which should be installed in the following locations:
Mac OS X
Other Unix variants

Command Options

The flags are defined as follows:
Turns on debugging in the console for all other flags.
Install o2pdf.oxt as an extension for and sets up the /usr/etc/venture/var/do_office_sync file with the installation path of Success or failure messages will be written in file /var/adm/appletalk/at_log.
Use LibreOffice instead of Openoffice. The option is only needed for the -install action.
Removes o2pdf.oxt as an extension for and removes do_office_sync.
Examines the installation for completeness and returns either yes or    no. If no, it will also return a list of missing elements.
Returns the path that is being used to call soffice.