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BROWCAPT(1M) manual page


browcapt - responsible for capturing previews of SWF files and Web-page content.


browcapt [ -v ] [ -h ] [ -show ] [ -l string ] [ -d dblev | -D ] [ -url string ] [ -display value ] [ -width value ] [ -height value ] [ -numc value ] [ -inter value ] [ -out format ]


The browcapt (1M) program is called by htmlsync (1M) and movsync (1M) and is responsible for capturing frames from HTML and SWF files. This is achieved by launching a hidden browser window and capturing its contents. On Mac OS X systems, this relies on WebKit , on Solaris, Linux and Altix systems this relies on Xvfb (1) , Firefox and xwd (1) , and on Windows systems, this relies on Internet Explorer. For Flash content to be captured correctly, Adobe Flash Player should be installed and configured to work in WebKit, Internet Explorer or Firefox. On Solaris, Linux and Altix On these platforms, browcapt (1M) starts Xvfb (1) at specified -width and -height settings. Firefox is launched at the same width and height and the content to be captured is loaded. xwd (1) is used to capture the requested number of frames (-numc ), with each frame being captured at the specified number of seconds (-inter ) apart. On Mac OS X and Windows systems On these platforms, browcapt (1M) launches a hidden browser window, using WebKit on Mac OS X systems and Internet Explorer on Windows systems. After receiving a signal that the browser has fully loaded its page, browcapt (1M) starts the timer for its first snapshot according to the -wait setting in the vsp.conf file. Finally, it captures -numc screen shots of a page every -inter seconds.

Command Options

The flags are defined as follows:
Displays the current version and exits.
Shows command-line help information.
Windows and Mac OS X only: Debug mode that exposes the browser window being captured
-l string
Solaris, Linus and Altix only: Specifies a log file.
-d dblev
Turns on debugging at a certain level, represented by dblev (in hex).
Turns on full debugging.
-url string
Well-formed URL to display in the browser. The string must be a valid link to a Web page or a valid path to a file. A valid URL always begins with http:// , although a file path does not require the file:// prefix.
-display value
Solaris, Linux and Altix only: Number of X virtual frame buffer display screen to use.
-width value
Default page width of browser.
-height value
Default page height of browser.
-numc value
Number of screen captures to take.
-inter value
Interval between screen captures.
-out format
File format for images being created, e.g., browout%04.jpg . (See printf (1) for more information about format .)


browcapt -url -numc 5 -inter 5 -out cnn%04d.jpg

browcapt -url FPAssets/mywebpage.html -numc 5 -inter 5 -out mywebpage%04d.jpg

Global Settings

The browcapt (1M) process also checks the vsp.conf (4) file for its global settings. For browcapt (1M) these include: xvfbCommand, firefoxCommand, xwdCommand, BrowserWaitSecs and xvfbWaitSecs .