Client Guide : Using Xinet Portal : Other Uses for Collections

Other Uses for Collections
In this section:
Creating Custom Contact Sheets of your Collection
The Contact Sheet option appears in the collection panel to allow you to create PDF contact sheets that displays the assets within their collections. You can specify what each contact sheet will look like setting a number of options.
Note: The Contact Sheet plug-in performs error analysis as users enter display information, offering assistance, for example., Too much text for image height and font size, when one specification conflicts with another.
To create a contact sheet of your collection:
The user designs each contact sheet by specifying its page size and orientation
The arrangement of columns and rows
The dimensions of the previews
The font size for any text fields
Whether to include QR codes which in the resulting PDF will provide URLs to an mview of each asset
Whether to show or hide Keywords in the contact sheet
Whether to include information about when the file was created, last modified or last accessed
Whether to include specific details from Image Info, Video Info and/or Audio Info
Click Generate Contact Sheet PDF.
The PDF, once created, will stream in the user’s browser, from which it can be saved for redistribution.
Creating Video Reels of your Collection
When Video for Xinet is in use, a Video Reel Generation collection plug-in allows Xinet Portal users to assemble existing video assets, PDFs, InDesign documents, Office documents, and images into new videos. The image below displays the options available for both the Exhibit and Marquee theme.
To download a generated video of your collection:
Using the Exhibit theme, click the Open Collection icon located at the bottom left corner of the interface.
Using the Marquee theme, click the Collection icon located at the top right of the interface.
Click Start Generation.
Creating Custom Download Orders
This feature works in slightly different ways, depending on the style your administrator has assigned for your use. This section describes the Exhibit-style Custom Order. If you are using another style, the interface may vary from the one described here. Functionality, however, will be similar.
The Custom Order form allows you to convert a single image into other sizes and formats before you download it. Once you open the form, Xinet presents a preview of the image at the top of the screen. Type-in boxes and pop-up lists allow you to transform the image during the downloading process.
When you are satisfied with the new parameters for the image, simply use the Download button. The image you download will be a GIF if the image has a mask or a selected clipping path; otherwise it will be a JPEG.
If you want to process and receive multiple images, all with the same Custom Order attributes, read Creating Batch Image Orders.