Client Guide : Using Xinet Portal : Search for Assets in Portal: Introduction

Search for Assets in Portal: Introduction
Xinet offers several ways to find assets in Portal.
By default (and with configuration), Xinet provides search on Portal for both Exhibit and Marquee themes. (Any limitations are noted in this section.)
Search Workflows
Search with Quick Search
Search for assets containing the words you type into the Quick Search field. Locate specific assets found on any of your mounted volumes, or search under particular folders.
Refine a Search Query
Refine your search query by specifying metadata facets to locate specific assets in a particular volume or directory.
Create an Advanced Search Query
Create complex search queries using logical operands and constraints. You can also save these search queries.
Add Search Results to a Collection
For the Marquee theme, once you have completed a Quick Search or an Advanced search, the Collection icon appears at the bottom right corner of the Marquee theme interface. Click this icon to add all found assets to your Collection at once.
The Search User Interface
The search interface is different for the Marquee and Exhibit themes.
Search Interface, Xinet Portal Marquee theme:
Search Interface, Xinet Portal Exhibit Theme:
Search Engines
Your Xinet administrator needs to set up Xinet search before you can use it, and will choose from one of two search engines:
Solr Search (Recommended)
Solr search provides fast and comprehensive searching, and structured filtering of results. You can refine search results using filters to zero in on the content you are looking for. In addition, you can save your search queries for later use.
Solr Search locates matches for the specified search value in files names, file attributes (Type and Kind/Creator filters), annotations, keyword metadata, and text content.
FullText Database Search
The FullText search provides simple global Quick Search options, and limited ways to refine search results by specifying metadata facets. If a feature described in this chapter is not supported by FullText, it will be identified.
Implementation Notes
If viewers don't see the search fields, they may be able to access full-faceted browsing instead. Full-faceting browsing is available for Marquee sites, and provides a browsing experience where viewers can navigate down into various categories without needing to work with the underlying file system. For information on how administrators can set this up, see Set Up Top-Level Facets (Marquee Only).
When using the Exhibit theme, it is not possible to use both search engines on a Xinet server at the same time. Your Administrator must select a search engine for you to use.
When using the Marquee theme, the Solr search engine is enabled when conducting a Quick Search and the Xinet database engine is enabled when conducting an Advanced search.
When using the Marquee theme with toplevel faceting enabled, Advanced Search is not available.