Client Guide : Using Xinet Portal : Working with Videos and Audio Files

Working with Videos and Audio Files
Streaming and downloading videos and audio files
When Video for Xinet is in use, Xinet Portal users can stream video, audio, and interactive files directly in their browsers. Additionally, users can download videos, as shown in the image below.
Streaming and downloading low-resolution versions
Video for Xinet plug-in allows users to view CAD files in a number of ways a) wire frames, b) shaded objects or c) shaded objects with wire frame overlay. Each can be rotated according to administrative settings. The system can also make low-resolution videos of the rotations, and extract text from files which can be searched through using Portal. You will also be able to zoom in on previews when they want to see more detail.
For information about creating a video of your Collection contents, see Creating Video Reels of your Collection.