Client Guide : Using Xinet Portal : Working with Document Previews

Working with Document Previews
In addition to previews for image files over the Web, Xinet Portal also provides previews of layout files and other multi-page documents, including:
Preview details
Double click on an asset to preview a file in the Browser interface. A number of functions are available. The metadata fields displayed in the preview depends on what your Administrator has setup for you.
If an asset has more than one page, you can view thumbnails of each page. Click on a page to apply annotations or to use the Zoom tool. For more information about Annotations, see Adding Annotations to Assets.
Following subsections summarize document preview features for a number of formats. For more information about document previews, their interactive features, and what they offer for day-to-day use, also refer to:
InDesign Previews
Xinet recognizes and provides previews for a very long list of image file formats. Xinet also provides previews of multipage InDesign documents along with information about images used in the file, provided the files have been saved with the Xinet Support ID Plug-in installed.
Xinet Portal Exhibit theme:
Xinet Portal Exhibit theme - Preview of an InDesign document
You can find more information about how to ensure that documents saved on the server will have Xinet previews by reviewing WebNative ID Plug-in for InDesign
Other document Previews
Xinet also presents previews of Microsoft Office, HTML, and PDF assets. Refer to Interactive PDF: The Annotator ID plug-in for InDesign about creating PDFs with active links to images residing on the Xinet server.
If you see audio or video streaming files, and you have proper permissions, you can listen to and/or view these files in your current browser without downloading them first. Click on the file in the list, and then again in the lower portion of your browser to start streaming without downloading.
Setting the Page Display using the Exhibit Theme
You can specify the number of assets displayed in the Portal browser window by clicking on the wrench icon and selecting a value from the drop-down menu. If there are additional assets that exceed this value, page numbers and “>>” arrows appear at the bottom of the Portal browser window. To review the next page, click on the page number or click on the “>>” next page arrows.
Xinet Portal Exhibit theme - Page display options: