Client Guide : Using Xinet Portal : Other Actions in Xinet Portal (Both Themes)

Other Actions in Xinet Portal (Both Themes)
You'll see several other options at the top of the window:
Quick Search and Advanced Search allows you to change from Browse mode to Search mode, where you can search in the folder you are browsing and its descendants. Search for Assets in Portal: Introduction provides more information.
This allows you to copy assets (one at a time) into the folder you are currently browsing on the Xinet server. For more information, turn to Uploading Assets to Portal.
This allows you to download assets to your Collection. Once done a number of Collection action tools are available for you to apply to these assets.(In our Xinet 18.1 release, we have renamed Basket to Collection in our 18.1 release.) For more information, see Adding and Removing Assets from a Collection.
This allows you to return to the top-most level of your Xinet volume. For more information, see Top Level/Home.
This opens a sub-window from which, with proper permissions, you may perform such operations as creating subfolders, moving or copying assets, renaming assets, and deleting assets. Managing Assets and Folders provides more information.